Winter is clinging on with some final and brutal flurries of snow and freezing temperatures and yet the sun, when it has the chance to shine, is already much warmer and brings with it the promise of growth, warmth and new life to banish the harshness of winter. Here at IPI we are looking forward… Read more »

Growing up Isabelle dreamt of only one thing: to be a pilot in the Royal Air Force. As is often the case, reality conspired against this teenage dream and it was not to be, leaving her looking for a new direction in which to take her life. After leaving school at 18 Isabelle spent a… Read more »

The High Viscosity Valve (HVV) System from Micro Matic is specifically designed for liquids with a high viscosity, such as mineral oils: it’s all in the name. When integrated into a heavy-duty, refillable container mounted on a trolley, it provides a mobile dispensing unit which is ideal for use in vehicle workshops. The HVV dispensing… Read more »

OQEMA (formerly Lansdowne Chemicals) distribute Hydrazine Hydrate, a highly toxic and volatile chemical used in Power Stations. There is no better way to demonstrate the safety and cleanliness benefits of the Micro Matic closed loop systems than this video. It shows an operator filling and emptying IBCs and drums containing this very dangerous chemical wearing… Read more »

Mini Valve (MIV): Liquid Foodstuffs Dispensing System The Mini Valve system from Micro Matic is integrated into heavy duty, refillable containers which can be emptied at point of use by pump, pressure or vacuum methods. Widely used in the food processing industry for dispensing liquid foods such as edible oil, raising or glazing agents, flavours… Read more »

We are delighted to introduce the newest member of the IPI team, Mr Giuseppe Fiorello, who joined us in March 2017 as Market Developer. A licenced chemist and member of the Italian Chemical Society, Giuseppe has a Masters in Inorganic and Chemical Physic and has had papers published in international magazines such as ‘Macromolecular Chemistry… Read more »

There are a huge variety of chemicals being manufactured in the world today with varying degrees of toxicity. Europe stands as a front-runner in setting high standards of worker protection against health and safety risks at work, seeking to provide guidance in the safe handling of chemicals, which includes the recommendation that closed loop transfer… Read more »

Where does the time go? Surely we can’t already be approaching December! It really is amazing how quickly time seems to go by and deadlines we thought were far away are all of a sudden upon us. Has your company done all the necessaries to comply with REACH regulations? The final registration date for low… Read more »

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Chemspec exhibition in Munich. The dual presentation on REACHReady controlled environments with Vinyl Kft was well attended. It gave us a great platform to showcase how our closed loop transfer systems can make the handling of even the most dangerous chemicals like Methyl Iodide safe. We were delighted… Read more »

Welcome to another IPI newsletter. We hope you are finding the articles informative and enjoyable. If you have questions about any of the content, or would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be delighted to discuss any queries with you. The summer is upon us and here at IPI… Read more »