We thank Micro Matic LLC for providing us with this informative profile of their industrial division. “Micro Matic is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of closed system solutions for the handling and transfer of liquid chemicals. Founded in 1953, with their global headquarters in Denmark, Micro Matic has 12 manufacturing facilities across… Read more »

As well as the safe and secure closed transfer you expect from the Micro Matic extraction systems, the Macro Valve (MAV) is designed with unique keyed flanges to emphasise product integrity. The MAV valve can only be opened by a coupler or fill head with the same key, thus eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. With… Read more »

Welcome! Spring has arrived and with it come longer, hopefully sunnier and warmer days to drive away the chill of winter, which seems to have been particularly bitter for some this year. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee the weather but at least there are Easter treats to look forward to. Knowledgeable and dedicated professionals though we… Read more »

We are looking forward to exhibiting at Chemspec in Munich, Germany on the 31st May/1st June 2017. As well as showcasing our closed transfer systems for chemicals, we will be demonstrating how our products can help your company with REACH legislation. We are privileged to co-host a presentation on controlled environments for hazardous chemicals with… Read more »

IPI specialises in containers up to 200L for the non-beverage market. Manufactured by Schaefer Werke in Germany and Schaefer Sudex in the Czech Republic, the Variotainer® system provides containers for the transportation and storage of a wide range of different liquids. They can be supplied with a variety of neck options, compatible with the Micro… Read more »

Who better to introduce Schäfer Werke than Schäfer Werke themselves? We thank them for providing us with the following company profile.  “Whether for beer, wine, spirits or juices, waste or hazardous goods, high viscosity pastes or other unique applications, you will find the appropriate container at Schäfer Werke. With 20 million KEGs sold since 1978,… Read more »

Any of you who have contacted us since 2011 will have had the pleasure of being dealt with by Lesley. A passionate and dedicated member of the IPI team, Lesley always tries to provide timely, accurate and detailed feedback to all the enquiries and questions she receives from our customers and contacts. We are sure… Read more »

Here at IPI we are very proud of the quality of our products and the wide ranging solutions they can offer our custome rs. We are also aware, however, that our product range may not quite solve your particular liquid handling challenge. If you are looking for a solution but can’t find it elsewhere, or… Read more »

Part of the manufacture and handling of chemicals involves sampling the product to check quality and integrity. We are exploring the possibility of offering a sampling tap as part of our product range and are carrying out research to ensure we offer a tap which works for our customers. What system do you currently use… Read more »

We have had a great response to our first edition and want to thank all of you who have taken the time to write or talk to us about it. We really appreciate your opinion on us and what we do, so please get in touch if you have comments on any aspect of our… Read more »