Composite Drum Valve (CDV)

Composite valveA Cost Effective & Safe Solution For Closed Liquid Transfer.

The Drum Valve (DV) has become a standard for closed liquid transfer
of chemicals from drums and IBCs.
Now the valve is also available in plastic, for products not compatible
with stainless steel or where single trip logistics are in place. The
plastic valve is compatible with all other components of the stainless
steel system.

The coupler is serviceable and available in both
3/4″ Barbed and 3/4″ BSPP Female 90 degree liquid outlets.
Its reinforced construction, replaceable EPDM or Viton
seals, and high flow rate exceed the demands of most
liquid dispensing systems.

Features & Benefits

Cost Efficient and Safe
• Cost efficient for low value products
• Cost efficient for single use containers
• Enhanced user safety
• Improved product quality and integrity

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