Ion-Exchanger Cartridges


IPI supplies stainless steel, P.U. coated cartridges made by Schaefer Werke, for use as Ion-Exchange resin reservoirs. The Ion-Exchange Cartridge is widely used in the EDM sector, as well as for the provision of soft water for dishwashers and coffee machines and in all areas where water purification is required.

The stainless steel Ion-Exchange Cartridge, with its CFC free polyurethane (PU) jacket, offers a significantly more durable, longer lasting and temperature resistant solution than conventional plastic units.

The PU jacket offers the following additional benefits:

The container is available in 10L, 15L, 20L and 50L sizes. All Ion-Exchange Cartridges are equipped with a safety burst point to prevent the cartridge from exploding at high pressure.

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