Brexit Strategy

Over the past year we have been developing our strategy regards Brexit and how our business will operate once the UK leaves the European Union. With the vague and ever changing information available to us, you can imagine this has not been a simple process. At time of writing the two sides seem to have reached a ‘divorce deal’, which allows negotiations to move on to our future trading relationship. However, not only does this divorce deal need to be ratified by both parties – by no means a guaranteed outcome – we are still unaware of what the future trading terms will be. It is therefore our opinion the current uncertainty will continue beyond the Brexit date of 29thMarch 2019, maybe even for years to come.

Our EU customers are fundamental to our business and it is no longer acceptable for us to wait for negotiations to be finalised before we take action. We have therefore made the decision to put an end to any uncertainty for our customers by creating a trading entity in Germany.

The exact scope of this entity is yet to be finalised, but we hope this coming investment in the EU demonstrates our commitment not only to you, our customers, but also to the future stability of the company you trade with.

We will of course keep you informed as our new venture takes shape and look forward to continuing our successful relationship through, and beyond, this challenging time.

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