IPI specialises in containers up to 200L for the non-beverage market. Manufactured by Schaefer Werke in Germany and Schaefer Sudex in the Czech Republic, the Variotainer® system provides containers for the transportation and storage of a wide range of different liquids. They can be supplied with a variety of neck options, compatible with the Micro Matic Closed Transfer systems, as well as standard closures such as steel plugs. All have UN approval, assuring you of the highest levels of safety. As well as the standard range of sizes available, new containers will be developed to meet your particular requirements, including all necessary homologations. To maximise market recognition, the containers can be customised with your own brand or company logo and also have the option of transponder tracking.

The Variotainer range of containers is widely used for a variety of applications. We cater for hazardous products such as agro-chemicals, speciality chemicals, high purity solvents and fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. Our containers are also ideal for non-hazardous motor oils and foodstuffs in the bakery and food processing industry. Whether hazardous or edible, the Variotainer, especially when combined with the Micro Matic Closed Transfer systems, offers you a safe, economic and easy to use solution for your liquid handling challenges.

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