Eco-Rmor micro-spill containment

When it comes to using IBC, here at IPI we will always recommend top filling and emptying through closed loop transfer as we believe this is the safest way to handle products in these large containers.

However we are also realistic and understand this isn’t always possible for a variety of reasons, not least when the IBC are emptied from the bottom of the container. When full closed loop transfer is not an option due to bottom emptying, we can offer the Eco-Rmor micro-spill containment tray.

The Eco-Rmor (pronounced eekoh-ar-more) containment tray contains leaks and offers protection to the IBC coupler or valve. A one size fits all solution to fit on a variety of IBC, the tray has a double restraint system with the lid held closed by a built-in snap feature, and a draw-string style restraint. It has replaceable, industry-specific absorbent pads to contain liquids. For maximum performance the tray system is manufactured from durable, recycled plastic for use in all temperatures and is strong enough to resist breaking and damage from accidental impacts.

The Eco-Rmor is an effective solution to easily catch and dispose of small spills when bottom emptying IBC.

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