Product Focus – The Macro Valve

As well as the safe and secure closed transfer you expect from the Micro Matic extraction systems, the Macro Valve (MAV) is designed with unique keyed flanges to emphasise product integrity.

The MAV valve can only be opened by a coupler or fill head with the same key, thus eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. With a variety of keys and seal materials available, the MAV is a robust and easy to use solution which is widely used for speciality chemicals and high purity solvents in the fine chemical industry. The MAV is currently ensuring the safe transfer of a range of products including tertiary butylamine, acetonitrile and mining chemicals. Could this be the system you have been looking for?

Combine the MAV with our UN tested containers and you can be safe in the knowledge you have a robust and secure package for the transportation and storage of your valuable and hazardous product. To find out more about the MAV system visit our website. Alternatively, contact us to discuss your application and see how our closed transfer systems can solve your chemical handling issues.

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