Ice Cream

I think we’re pretty safe to say that most every country in the world enjoys ice cream (we’ll include sorbets in that mix) in one way or another. Whilst the old favourites stand the test of time, there is an ever growing list of new and interesting flavours being invented, including the famous (or infamous?) bacon and eggs ice cream by renowned chef Heston Blumenthal.

But what’s your favourite? Based on some internet plagiarism (standard – thank you here are some front runners based on country:

Chocolate (US)
Vanilla (UK) – how dull?!
Cookie Dough (US, Mexico, Argentina and Germany)
Neapolitan (France, Italy)
Banana (Philippines)
Toffee (Iceland, Austria, Bahrain)
Rocky road (Singapore)
Strawberry (Turkey)
Green Tea (Japan)
Watermelon (Netherlands)
Chocolate brownie (Colombia)
Oreo (Kenya)
Coconut (Thailand)

More importantly, which countries eat the most ice cream? The following quantities are litres per year, per capita

Rank     Country                       Consumption

1          New Zealand                 28.4

2          United States                20.8

3          Australia                       18

4          Finland                         14.2

5          Sweden                         12

6          Canada                         10.6

7          Denmark                      9.8

8          Ireland                         8.4

9          Italy                              8

10        United Kingdom            7

Go NZ! Small-ish country with a mighty appetite for the frozen treat.