IPI Global and the Circular Economy

There is extensive reading available describing what the Circular Economy is, but its basic principles revolve around the core values of reducing, reusing and recycling materials as much as possible. It also means focusing on the financial, human and social aspects of your business by making decisions which protect the long term health of your company and its employees, while considering your social and environmental impact.

In the field of the manufacturing, packaging, transporting, storage and handling of chemicals, the closed loop transfer pack by IPI Global ticks every single one of those boxes. Our robust containers and transfer systems are all multi-trip compatible, allowing you to reduce the amount of packing you need to buy and reuse it multiple times. When they have come to the end of their life there are more and more recycling options becoming available.

From a financial perspective the mid to long term value of investing in high quality, multi-trip packaging can be easily demonstrated, whilst the safety aspect of the closed loop transfer system is second to none, ensuring the optimum protection of your workers. Finally the safe storage and transportation of your product and the reduction in hazardous waste disposal greatly improves your actual and potential social impact for the better.

If you are planning to implement the principles of the Circular Economy then look no further than the closed loop pack from IPI Global Ltd. Visit our website or call us for more information.