PRO-BLEND® Closed Mixing System from Micro Matic – Chemicals as the manufacturer intended

Together with the RSV/DV Valve, the PRO-BLEND® uses the power of the bubble to move the contents of the container. This means no gears, no electricity and no moving parts, making it clean as well as highly effective in removing sediment and evenly distributing active ingredients, as shown in this video:

A versatile, easy-to-use system that delivers complete mixing and more efficient operations while reducing worker and environmental exposure. The innovative PRO-BLEND® Closed Mixing System utilises timed pulses of pressurised air that quickly and completely mix the contents of a container such as a drum or an IBC. The system delivers a thoroughly homogeneous mix more quickly, more safely and with less work than alternatives, ensuring that at the point of use the product is as the manufacturer intended.

The main advantages of the ProBlend® closed mixing system are as follows:

  • Complete mixing – achieves superior product homogeneity and reduces costly product returns and rework.
  • Quick & easy to use – light weight, compact design and Turn, Click & Go interface simplifies mixing operations and maximises worker productivity.
  • Protects workers and environment – the closed system design provides greater worker safety and environmental protection than other invasive types of mixing systems.
  • Reduces cost & waste – One ProBlend® mixer can be used on multiple containers which eliminates the cost of a mixer for each container. Customers are able to improve product consistency and the ability to maximise extraction with minimal waste or product loss.
  • Closed System – the closed system, dry-break design minimises spills, stains and exposure and allows for control throughout the liquid handling process.


“The ProBlend® is an easy to use product which we can move quickly from container to container and effectively mix and agitate product which has been standing idle or which is slow to move on colder days. We tried various mixing methods but found them too invasive, whereas the ProBlend® is a neat solution which you don’t need to clean or maintain after use. We just place it on the containers and leave it to do its job. The results have been excellent and saved us valuable time and avoided problems further down the line.”

Mr Richard Monk, A F Monk Ltd.

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