IPI supplies unique closed liquid transfer systems for filling and dispensing a range of liquids. These systems are compatible with the plastic or stainless steel containers and IBCs from leading suppliers such as Mauser Group and Schuetz GmbH & Co. KGaA. Manufactured by market leader Micro Matic, the closed transfer systems are designed to minimise user exposure and meet legislative requirements. The products offer the end user a durable, easy to operate system and represent a proactive commitment to improve the environment and increase user safety.


Widely used for hazardous chemicals in the agro-chemical and general chemical industries, as well as for foodstuffs in the bakery and food processing industry.

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Sudex Variotainer®

Widely used for hazardous chemicals such as solvents, high purity solvents and fine chemicals in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Special Containers

Being a leader in innovative packaging solutions, IPI provides a range of special containers designed to meet specific customer requests.

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Stainless steel IBCs

Schäfer Werke GmbH supplies a comprehensive range of Stainless steel IBCs (in 304, 316, 316L etc), with or without UN certification, to meet the highest requirements for bulk container storage, transport and handling of goods in a wide range of different fields. The product range includes standard IBCs such as tank, round and silo containers (from 450L up to 3.000L) as well as special customized containers. These can be made according to customer requirements (eg. internal coatings, different wall thicknesses or steel types) and specific applications.

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