High Viscosity Valve (HVV)

The High Viscosity Valve System (HVV) from Micro Matic is integrated into a heavy-duty, refillable container mounted on a trolley to provide a mobile dispensing unit.

HVV Closed Loop Transfer System

Ideal for use in the mineral oil industry, this makes it simple for vehicle workshops to have the right product available in the right place and allows for a clean and organised working environment.

The attachment of a dispense pistol allows for accurate dispensing of motor oils directly in to the engine, enabling the clean transfer of oil with no spillage or waste. This is part of our suite of products for the automotive sector.

High Viscosity Valve System (HVV)

The HVV system offers the following benefits:

  • Clean, fast and easy to handle
  • Container is stackable, less floor space required
  • Available in a wide range of dispensing methods
  • Increases product integrity and quality
  • Eliminates packaging waste & saves packaging costs
  • Protection against substitution

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High Viscosity Valve


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