Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We are becoming ever more aware of the consequences of our prolific reliance on single use packaging and the effect this is having on the planet. This knowledge has brought into focus the amount of unnecessary packaging which is used in supermarkets and, whilst we obviously need it in some form or another, it is frustrating to know that most of the packaging we bring home cannot be reused and/or recycled. With the number of companies worldwide producing high quality, reusable and/or fully recyclable materials, surely it is possible for supermarkets to adopt a “reduce, reuse and recycle” policy when it comes to their packaging.

At IPI the use of returnable, reusable packaging is at the core of our company ethos, so we are very pleased to learn that one supermarket in the UK is hoping to find a new way forward. Waitrose & Partners are trialling their new “Unpacked” range at one store in Oxford, UK, with a new way of shopping for a variety of goods. Fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, store cupboard staples, drinks and liquid detergents are displayed in bulk and can be packed/decanted into your own reusable containers and bottles, or you can buy/borrow them from the store. You can find out more by reading this article. It would be interesting to know how supermarkets around the world compare and whether you are already able to shop in a more “reduce, reuse and recycle” way.

In the meantime we wait to hear how successful Waitrose’s trial turns out to be. No doubt there will be a few things that need changing and improving but let’s hope this proves to be an overall success and encourages all supermarkets to do more.

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