Worker Safety

The most valuable asset of any company is its workforce, which needs to be protected as much as possible.

When it comes to handling industrial liquids, it has never been easier to optimise the safety of your team and ensure their health is not impacted by the work they do. Our high quality products have been expertly engineered and designed with the safety and integrity of both your workers and products in mind.

Our closed loop transfer packs (stainless steel closed extraction system in either multi-trip plastic or stainless steel containers) are designed so neither gas nor liquid escapes from filling through storage, transportation and emptying. The UN certification and ADR compliance for transportation carried by our packs gives you additional peace of mind that they have been tested to the highest of standards. The following image demonstrates the principle of the closed loop system, which can be adapted to suit all types of manufacturing, storage, transportation and supply.

These closed loop transfer packs have been implemented so successfully that our customers, where once full protective equipment was required, are now only having to issue safety gloves and goggles to keep their employees safe.

Visit our YouTube site to see the various testimonial videos showcasing the benefits of our closed loop transfer packs.