Micro Matic Closed Loop Transfer

We use this terminology a lot but, what is closed loop transfer and why is it necessary? Closed loop transfer is the transfer of liquid product from one container to another within a closed system, so neither product nor any vapours are spilled or escape in to the environment. The principle is shown in the image below.

As this image illustrates, the liquid product is transferred from one container to another using a pump, while the gas inlet on the coupler/fill head transfers the vapours in the containers in the opposite direction ie. as the larger container is being emptied of liquid, it is filled with the vapour forced from the smaller container as that is being filled with the liquid. This demonstrates how the Micro Matic closed loop transfer systems can be used to fill and empty containers in such a way as to eliminate exposure to your workforce. A variant of this using pressure is also available.

In addition to operator safety, the closed loop systems from Micro Matic also protect the environment by eliminating spills which need to be cleaned up to prevent damage to the wider environment. This of course also means there is less waste of your valuable product. To find out more about our closed loop systems and how they can help you, please contact us.

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